Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Fire, Good Friday & Easter Sunday

Though I am neither French nor Catholic, I mourn at the devastation at the Notre Dame Cathedral on the Monday of Christian’s Holiest of Weeks. Long before I was a pastor, I was drawn to churches. I’ve been inside hundreds of churches and a member of over a dozen. It’s in my DNA. My Great Grandfather twelve generations back, Elder William Brewster, was tapped to be the spiritual leader of the band of Pilgrims on […]

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Bats Control Mosquitoes

Bats control mosquitoes. What’s not to love about that? Bats are nature’s flying pest control program. I knew very little about bats until a couple of weeks ago. Back when husband Tom and I were just getting acquainted, he told me about a bat colony under the Waugh Street bridge in Houston. We agreed we should go watch them come out some evening. It took over six years to get around to doing that, but […]

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plastic pollution

Avoiding Single-use Plastic for One Day

Christians around the world often give up something for Lent. This year, several folks suggested we give up plastic. Great idea! Photos of floating piles of plastic in our oceans, combined with stories of dead animals with stomachs filled with plastic debris, were huge motivators for this environmental-protection enthusiast. I decided to try a day without plastic. The first order of business – brush my teeth. My toothbrush is plastic, but I use it twice […]

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Lutheran World Relief

Lutheran World Relief – Doing a World of Good

It’s Lent. In my home congregation that means it is time to collect personal care items for Lutheran World Relief. During the weeks of Lent we are invited to add our contributions of basic hygiene supplies to a barrel. Toward the end of Lent we’ll assemble kits with such basics as soap, towels, combs, and toothbrushes and ship them to Lutheran World Relief (LWR) headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. LWR will ship the kits to destinations […]

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Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS)

Like most citizens of the United States, I descend from immigrants. One English branch in the 1600’s, another English branch in the 1700’s; and two in the wave if German immigrants in the late 1800’s. Perhaps that is why I am so drawn to the plight of 21st Century immigrants. I am grateful Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services goes on my behalf to offer support and resources to today’s immigrants and refugees. In 2018 alone […]

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