Have Voice, Will Travel

In my childhood my brothers nicknamed me “Chatty Kathy”. I do like to talk. I’d love to talk to your group. I’ve spoken at conferences, retreats, workshops, and classes for groups as small as a handful to as large as several hundred.

Below are a few topics I’ve spoken on before. Whether your group and your budget are large or small I will work with you to find a topic and plan that works for you. I specialize in helping churches and non-profit organizations become as effective as possible with the resources available.

Suggested Speaking and Retreat Topics

  • Will our children be generous? How to raise generous children and grandchildren in a “I want-focused” culture.
  • Preparing teens and young adults to succeed in a consumer-driven culture.
  • Marriage is forever. Except when it isn’t. What does the Bible really say about love, marriage, and divorce?
  • Marriage today is far different from when our ancestors were saying, “I do.” Perhaps they knew some things about marriage we’d benefit from knowing.
  • Children can’t raise themselves. Tips for how we can maximize the potential and minimize the pitfalls for the children in our families and communities.
  • What happens when people pray? Why should we? How should we?
  • Bible studies that look at both the “Then and There” context and the “Here and Now” applications.
  • Disaster Response: What to know before you go to help clean up.
  • Disaster Response: What to expect when the storm is over and the cleanup crews arrive.
  • Why abused women don’t just leave and how you can help them.
  • Tips for Non-profit boards with great ideas and limited resources.

Suggested Venues for Speaking Engagements

  • Adult study groups
  • Book club
  • Service organizations
  • Non-profit boards and committees
  • Parenting groups
  • Senior citizen groups
  • Church retreat centers

Rates and references available upon request. Contact me for further information.