Videos & Interviews

Tewksbury Public LIbrary with Robert Hayes – Tewksbury, MA – November 2020
We discussed the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Mayflower, and my book about it, focusing on Mary Brewster’s experiences


Interview on Indie Beacon Radio with Dr. Keitha Story-Stevenson – Houston, TX – March 2020
We discuss what I learned about disaster response ministry, which I wrote about in A Ready Hope: Effective Disaster Ministry for Congregations.


Interview with podcaster, CJ Peterson – Lufkin, TX – March, 2020
Our discussion focused on the shock of losing a spouse of many years, especially to a mid-life divorce. That is the subject of my novel, Asunder


Lakewood Public Library – Lakewood, OH – November 2020
Since COVID prevented an in-person appearance the library invited me to send a video of me talking about the historical events leading up to the Mayflower voyage and their implications for today.


Pokanoket Sagamore Bill Guy and daughter, Sachem Tracey Brown live in Rhode Island. They and Tracey’s son, Tribal Historian Donald Brown, reviewed the book, then wrote the forward. They are descendants of Massasoit Ousa Mequin, the leader who called on the new English settlers to welcome them and work out a treaty in the spring of 1621.


Interview with  Michael Hagerty of Houston Matters  – Houston, TX  November 2020 and 2021
We discussed the story behind the traditional story of our Thanksgiving tradition and my book about it.
 Interview with Kathleen Panning, host of  AFlame Ministry – August 2021
“Getting Along then and now” is about how events of the past can teach us important lessons today.
Interview on Indie Beacon with  Award-winning author  Charlotte Canion – March 2022
Canion is the author of How to Parent  Your Parents. We talked about my family legacy, dating back to the Mayflower, and some of the interesting historical facts I learned along the way.