Zoom Book Launch: Mayflower Chronicles: A Tale of Two Cultures


The Rev. Dr. Jay Alanis, Executive Director of the Lutheran Seminary in the Southwest in Austin. He speaks nationally about cross cultural issues. I earned my Master of Divinity degree at LSPS. Dr. Alanis and I worked together briefly a few years ago doing development work for LSPS.


Edward Rickford, author of historical novel, The Serpent and the Eagle, the story of Cortez’s encounters with indigenous people in Mexico. The book is based on centuries-old texts and his extensive travels in Mexico where he retraced the route taken by Cortes through central Mexico.


Dr. Roger Leslie, award-winning author, editor, writing coach, and publisher. His written in a variety of genres, including books about writing skills. He coached me through the first draft of Mayflower Chronicles: The Tale of Two Cultures.



Dede Cummings, is the founder and owner of Green Writers Press, which she launched from her kitchen table in Vermont. She has since published dozens of books, hired a staff of writers, editors and interns. She also writes poetry and manages a book design company, DCDesign.


Bruce Hieber, my brother and travel companion for English part of the research for Mayflower Chronicles: The Tale of Two Cultures. For the sake of tranquility around the Thanksgiving table, we have agreed that what happened in England stays in England.


Pokanoket Sagamore Bill Guy and daughter, Sachem Tracey Brown live in Rhode Island. They and Tracey’s son, Tribal Historian Donald Brown, reviewed the book, then wrote the forward. They are descendants of Massasoit Ousa Mequin, the leader who called on the new English settlers to welcome them and work out a treaty in the spring of 1621.


Author Beth Splaine and I met at a 2019 writer’s competition to win a publishing contract with Green Writers Press. That started a valuable friendship. Beth, a professional opera singer and voice teacher, narrated for the audio version of Mayflower Chronicles.