Writing Resume – Kathryn M. Haueisen

My Articles Have Been Published in:

Alive Now!American BabyBark
Camping JournalColumbus MonthlyDayton Leisure
Hawaiian Pacific ReviewHighlights for ChildrenHouse Beautiful
Little One Baby (Australian)Living with ChildrenThe Lutheran
Lutheran Woman TodayMarriage & Family LivingMothers’ Manual
Partners (Lutheran)Presbyterian JournalTrailer Life
Today’s FamilyPresbyterian Life TodayWriter’s Digest

Books Published

  • Mayflower Chronicles: The Tale of Two Cultures (Green Writers Press)
  • Asunder – A Novel Approach to Divorce Recovery (Blue Ocotillo Publishing)
  • A Ready Hope: Effective Disaster Ministry for Congregations (The Alban Institute)
  • 40 Day Journey with Kathleen Norris – Select edits from her writings (Augsburg Fortress)
  • God in the Raging Waters, Co-authored with Bishop Paul Blom (Augsburg Fortress)
  • Married and Mobile: Making a Move That’s Right for You (Augsburg Fortress)

Other Published Works

  • Devotions in several editions of Christ in our Home, The Word in Season, and Alive Now!
  • High School Sunday School Curriculum (Augsburg Fortress)
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Summer Bible Camp Curriculum for Adults, Senior High and Upper Elementary campers.
  • Adult and Youth Bible Study Resources (Augsburg Fortress)
  • Short stories in Texas anthologies

Writing Goals:

  • Write general interest articles, inspirational materials and books about good people doing great things for society.
  • Write blog posts, articles and books that address social issues with empathy, passion and an historical perspective that enlightens and encourages readers to take action.
  • Support the mission of small, non-profit organizations by helping tell their story.

Writing for Hire:

  • Press releases, newsletters, promotional letters and brochures
  • Guest blogs
  • Author bio’s.

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