Kathryn Haueisen

Kathryn Haueisen (Kathy), is an author, workshop leader, speaker, and an ELCA pastor. Prior to retirement, she served several congregations and as Executive Director of a church outdoor ministry site in LaGrange, Texas. She continues to serve as a consultant for congregational capital campaigns with Capital Campaign Services Net, work she’s been doing since 2007. During that time she’s worked with dozens of congregations around the country to raise funds for building a first unit, expanding existing facilities, repairing a roof, installing an elevator, remodeling outdated facilities, retiring debt, and even installing a new geothermal heating system.

As an author, she’s published six books (My Writing) and numerous articles for print and online publications. She writes about family, travel, faith and inspiration, and good people doing great things.

Author Haueisen earned her bachelor’s degree at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, majoring in journalism. Pastor earned her Master of Divinity at Wartburg Theological Seminary through the Lutheran Seminary Program of the Southwest in Austin. She was named the Alumni of the Year in 2017.

After decades of enjoying the very warm Texas hospitality, she returned to Ohio where she grew up to be near family and friends, old and new. With the staff at the retirement community where she now lives taking care of most household tasks, she has more time to reading historical fiction, mysteries, romance, and inspirational books. She often manages to convince others in the family that traveling is a great investment of both time and funds and enjoys exploring new places or revisiting some of her favorites again.


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