Chautauqua Institution

This week’s article is short and sweet as I wrap up a variety of things demanding attention in order to prepare for a trip north, east, south, and west to take in another week at the delightful Chautauqua Institution and visit family and friends along the way. Tom and I have enjoyed spending a week at Chautauqua Institution each summer, except last summer when we were at home dodging COVID-19. Now we’re both double-vaccinated and ready […]

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Birthday Reflections

Soon I begin the fourth quarter of my trek toward a centennial birthday. I’ve been having a lot of 75th birthday reflections as this milestone approaches. I’m not asking people to give to some cause on my behalf, but I do encourage people to share generously what they have with those doing good deeds for society. Generosity is good for our health. Now that I’m face to face with becoming 75, that age doesn’t look […]

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Louis Satchmo Armstrong

It is highly unlikely I’ll ever be rich or famous, however, I’ve been fortunate to cross paths with a few folks who were one or both of these. Louis Satchmo Armstrong had no idea who I am, but I knew his name well. He was one of my father’s favorite musicians. Dad built a Heath Kit home stereo system that sat in the corner of our dining room. When Dad was home the house filled […]

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We the people -flag and declaration of independence

Independence Day 2021

This Sunday we celebrate Independence Day 2021, another July 4th celebration of our country’s independence from England. I think it’s time we rethink what we thought we knew about how we got started and how our beginning impacts life today. In the 1600 and 1700’s, hundreds of European ships sailed west, filled to capacity with immigrants hoping to secure a better life for themselves and establish what is today the United States of America. By […]

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Collage of fathers and children

Father’s Day 2021

Another year, another Father’s Day. This year Father’s Day is adjacent to Juneteenth Day. To acknowledge the importance of fathers and address the horrendous consequences of slavery for fathers and society, I’m combining a tribute to fathers with a shout out to several folks who work to equip men to be good father figures. Slavery hasn’t ended; it’s merely transformed into new ways of preventing people from being fully free to thrive. Juneteenth, aka June […]

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