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Kathryn Haueisen

Kathryn Haueisen worked in public relations before launching a freelance writing career and becoming an ELCA Lutheran pastor. Her first retirement project was researching and writing here sixth book and first historical fiction, Mayflower Chronicles: The Tale of Two Cultures, published by Green Writers Press. She consults with congregations on capital campaign projects and writes articles for assorted publications. Her blogs focus on good people doing great things for our global village.


I wrote this article for writers looking for a writing retreat, but the article can help anyone wanting to retreat from the turmoil of the pandemic. Not all the suggestions will work now, but some will. Any calm and composure we can muster is a step in the right direction.

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Mayflower Chronicles:
The Tale of Two Cultures

Real People • Real Events • Plausible Conversations

For thousands of years two distinct cultures evolved unaware of one another’s existence. Separated by what one culture called The Great Sea and known to the other as the Atlantic Ocean, the course of each culture’s future changed irreversibly four hundred years ago. In 1620 the Mayflower delivered 102 refugees and fortune seekers from England to Cape Cod, where these two cultures first encountered one another. The English sought religious freedom and fresh financial opportunities. The Natives were recovering from the Great Dying of the past several years that left over two-thirds of their people in graves. How would they react to one another? How might their experience shape modern cross-cultural encounters?

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