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Galápagos Islands – Preserving Nature & Hosting Tourists

Monday was Earth Day. The Galápagos Islands are a great example of how to make every day earth day. We humans are the only species foolish enough to intentionally pollute and destroy our own habitat, naively believing if we can’t see it, it’s not our problem. It is our problem. We all need the air, water, and food produced from this one planet. Mass migration to another planet just isn’t going to happen during any […]

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Bats Control Mosquitoes

Bats control mosquitoes. What’s not to love about that? Bats are nature’s flying pest control program. I knew very little about bats until a couple of weeks ago. Back when husband Tom and I were just getting acquainted, he told me about a bat colony under the Waugh Street bridge in Houston. We agreed we should go watch them come out some evening. It took over six years to get around to doing that, but […]

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