Mother’s Day History

Here we are at another Mother’s Day on the calendar. When Anna Jarvis launched the idea of Mother’s Day in 1908, she had in mind a day set aside to spend time with one’s mother. The first Mother’s Day was celebrated at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, WV on May 10, 1908. When Mother’s Day became an official U.S. holiday in 1914, Jarvis did not envision how it would become the major gift-giving-restaurant-booking-card-sending occasion […]

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Mother Mary Brewster

Historians believe Mother Mary Brewster was probably born in 1569, most likely in Northern England. We do not know her last name prior to becoming Mrs. William Brewster. Genealogists are fairly certain she married William in 1591 in a small country church in Scrooby. She became Mother Mary Brewster with the birth of Jonathan, born on August 12, 1593. Confirming the value placed on the firstborn male child, his birthdate is the only Brewster child […]

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Karen Haueisen Crissinger

Moms-Who-Write – Karen Haueisen Crissinger

In honor of May and Mother’s Day, I’m posting a series of guest blogs about Moms-Who-Write. This first one is by one of my daughters, who appears to have survived being raised by a writing mama. Cowboy Boots by Karen Haueisen Crissinger My first memory of mom-as-writer was sitting in her lap while she changed the goofball to italics. That was the day I learned the value of taking a minute to set aside work and […]

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