Senior Citizens and Holy Week 2022

Holy Week is upon us, a week when Christians are called to reflect on the life, crucifixion, and resurrection of the one for whom the church is named. Even a casual reading through the four gospel accounts reveals a strong emphasis on how we treat one another. How we treat the least among us reveals our true values and priorities. This week’s blog is courtesy of Allyssa Strickland ( I think you’ll find her well-researched […]

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Pastor Kevin Ruffcorn

The Power of Community

In Search of Community by the Rev. Dr. Kevin Ruffcorn A colleague I’ve never met has written about both the challenge and importance of finding a new faith community in retirement. Thank you Pastor Ruffcorn for sharing both your personal challenge in finding a new community and reminding us of the value of accepting that challenge. <><><><><><><><><><><> For over forty years I built communities. I was a Lutheran pastor. It was important work, but it […]

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