Bishop Phil Wahlberg

Are there people in your life who crossed your path at a particularly crucial moment, changing the direction you’ve traveled ever since? Recently deceased Bishop Phil Wahlberg was one of those people in my life. Officially The Rev. Philip L. Wahlberg, Jr., I have always known him as Bishop Phil Wahlberg. He died Sunday, May 9, 2021 at age 97. His impact on my life and my family is too enormous to tally. I first […]

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summer camp

Summer Camp Is Good for Your Career

It’s spring break where I live. That means it’s time to make summer plans. I encourage young adults to consider spending the summer on staff at a summer camp site. Having worked as the Executive Director of a Lutheran camp and retreat ministry, I can think of no better preparation for the “real world” than a summer camp job. I’ve watched the tremendous emotional and mental growth summer camp jobs have had on both my […]

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