Morning, Mindset

Master Your Mindset and Jumpstart your Writing

Rochelle Melander has been coaching and teaching writing for many years. I subscribe to her weekly e-news. This particular edition really caught my attention. You can read more about and by her at her website  K.H.  Master Your Mindset and Jumpstart your Writing By Rochelle Melander “Good morning, Eeyore,” said Pooh. “Good morning, Pooh Bear,” said Eeyore gloomily. “If it IS a good morning,” he said. “Which I doubt,” said he. –A. A. Milne, […]

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Pastor Nancy Kraft - collage

Inside Nancy’s Noodle

Though we’ve not yet met in person, the paths of this guest blogger and I have criss-crossed in several places in the village of ELCA female clergy. Of the many articles I read and news commentaries I’ve heard on this topic, I think Pastor Nancy Kraft said it best. You can follow her on her blog at Inside Nancy’s Noodle.   K.H. Is the World About to Turn? (a reflection on #metoo) By Pastor Nancy Kraft […]

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On line community

Thoughts on #Cyber Monday #Giving Tuesday

I’ll probably be accused of being the Grinch whole stole #GivingTuesday or renamed Scrooge for this blog. Don’t toss too many tomatoes my way, but I wish the #Spending phenomenon would go away. I suspect my attitude stems from a deep-seeded resistance to being told what to do with my time and money. I prefer to decide that for myself. It may also come from a longing for more authentic human contact. Participating in social […]

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Grandchildren on Thanksgiving Day

Thank Tisquantum for Thanksgiving

Before you carve into that turkey, pause to thank God for Tisquantum. You may have heard of him as Squanto. That’s his Anglicized name. Tisquantum was a member of the Patuxet tribe that lived in what is today Massachusetts. By whatever name you may know him, you probably do not know what a significant part he played in the traditional Thanksgiving story about the Pilgrims and Native Americans feasting together in the fall of 1621. […]

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flooded cars from Hurricane Harvey

Where have all the flooded cars gone?

My first encounter with a disaster zone took place in New Orleans. I first saw the damage Hurricane Katrina did to that city six months after the storm. I was shocked at the sight of  piles and piles of flattened, flooded cars. They were stacked up to the bottom of highway overpasses, some at least twenty feet higher than the streets we were driving on. The fate of flooded vehicles In the Houston area alone […]

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