Welcome. Come in. Let’s visit. A plaque I inherited from my grandmother reads, “Although you’ll find our house a mess, Come in, Sit down, converse. It doesn’t always look like this. Some Days it’s even worse.” You can’t see my home, so assume it’s neat enough to keep the health department at bay but cluttered enough to prove people actually live here.

I’ve lived long enough to carry both AARP and Medicare cards. This adventure in blogging and posting is a team effort. I contribute decades worth of hard-learned lessons. Family, friends and colleagues – all much more tech savvy than I – teach me the ins and out of the internet. I know a lot more than I used to know. I still know much less than I need to know to fly solo on the world wide web.

I love meeting people. Children with all their enthusiasm entertain me. Young adults crossing that bridge from childhood to adulthood inspire me. I enjoy keeping up with several young adults in the family who are on that bridge these days. I’ve worked (literally – I used to hire them) with dozens more who are now raising families and starting careers all over the world. I admire middle age friends and acquaintances who lead communities, congregations and companies. I cherish older friends because – well there really isn’t any dodging it. I am one.

I created this website to meet and maintain relationships with all sorts of people. I write about what catches my attention. It might be current affairs, a painful life lesson learned, ancient history, the wonders of nature, a theological insight, or some stellar example of kindness and generosity.

Chime in and let me hear from you. I’d like to know what you think and what you’re doing these days.

Our global village is full of wise and kind people. Our world is also full of challenges. Let’s build a human bridge that links these. The photo of this bridge – taken by my granddaughter, Erin – is one of many bridges that connect Kentucky and Ohio. I grew up in Ohio. Ohio is home to several of my relatives. I get goosebumps each time I cross this bridge on my regular trips from Texas to Ohio.