Trish Lewis, Founder of Van Velzer Press

Van Velzer Press

I was fortunate to learn about Van Velzer Press before I was ready to publish my most recent book. In my experience writing is about equal parts actually cranking out words and thinking about what to write while staring into space, waiting for the light to turn green, or trying to go to sleep. Most writers hope to share their work with readers, which requires a team of editors and advance readers who give honest, but […]

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Dr. Roger Leslie, author

People of Hope – Dr. Leslie

People of hope are men and women who see a need and find a way to respond to it; doing something encouraging for others. With so much discouraging and upsetting news bombarding us at every turn, it is easy to become distraught and overcome by despair. Living with despair is bad for our mental health. I can’t change the news, but I can counter it with stories about people who find ways to instill hope. […]

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Who Sits at the Table?

June 3, 2022 An important factor in healing some of the deep divides we’re experiencing in society today, is to examine who sits at the table. Who do we invite to provide information about issues? Who do we invite to participate in making decisions about the best course of action? If we only invite those who look, think, and act as we do, we leave out large swaths of society. Addressing who sits at the […]

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Rochelle Melander author

Author Rochelle Melander

“Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.” -Joseph Pilates My friend author Rochelle Melander offered to write this week’s blog. Thank you Rochelle! I think you’ll find her insights helpful and inspirational. I’ll be back next week with an article about another amazing woman. Clients often come to me because they’re stuck. They’ve racked up rejections from agents and editors. Or they’re struggling to find time to […]

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Guest Blog: Julie Gianelloni Connor

Julie and I met through the Houston writing community. She is the founder of Bayou City Press. Today she tells us about her children’s book on international adoption. Thank you Julie for taking time to stop by today. Guest Blog by Julie Gianelloni Connor My children’s book on international adoption came about because there is nothing like it on the market. Way back in 1992 when I adopted my son, I searched for a book on […]

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