The Retired Life

I am often asked how I’m enjoying my retired life. The short answer is, “Very much.” My family tells me I’m flunking retirement as I continue to overstuff the calendar and bemoan that there aren’t more hours allotted to me each week. So many things grab my attention. So limited time to pursue them all. My retired life includes some decades-old habits. One of them is journaling almost every day. It helps me remember how […]

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Commencement Day

Perhaps we should reclaim the old tradition of calling the day one receives a diploma Commencement Day. That seems to better define what that day means in the life of a new graduate. We’re deep into the season of graduations. Proud parents and grandparents gather in stadiums or large indoor venues – or around a screen on an electronic device to watch daughters and sons, or grandkids, or cousins or siblings proudly walk across some […]

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Transitions -moving day; placing books in moving box

Is It Time to Move Again? Tips for Transitions

Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.” (Genesis 12:1) Summer is prime transition time. Families with school age children want to move and get settled in the new community before the school year starts. College students move out of dorms and apartments, only to relocate into new ones a few months later. New graduates move to the location of their first job. I sold […]

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