Amsterdam Refugees

When the Scrooby Pilgrims’ 1607 first attempt to immigrate to the Lowlands failed, they returned to Scrooby and organized for another attempt. Their 1608 efforts resulted in successfully becoming the Amsterdam refugees. It was a mixed blessing. No longer must they worry about searchers and enforces rounding them up and handing them over to authorities. Instead they had to worry about where they would live and how they could support themselves in a bustling city, […]

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Labor Day 1620

Labor Day in 1620

Since last Monday was our annual Labor Day holiday, this seems a good time to reflect on some of the the labor arrangements in the earliest days of what became the United States. Less than half, only 41 of the 102 passengers on the famous 1620 Mayflower voyage, were seeking a place to establish their own first-century style Christian community. These Separatist religious rebels had a vision and a plan, but lacked the funding to sail […]

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Scrooby, England – Late 1500’s

“We follow the rules laid out in the Bible for running our church.”  William Brewster (via BrainyQuote) Apparently my great-great-great something grandparents were expelled from St. Wilfrid in Scrooby because they defied the laws of the land at the time by not worshiping in this Anglican parish. They worshiped instead with the trouble-makers of their day – the Separatists.  Most people pick up the Pilgrim story with the arrival of the Mayflower in Cape Cod […]

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