John Carver Mayflower Governor

Pilgrim Governor John Carver

This blog about Pilgrim Governor John Carver is an edited version of an article I first published three years ago. I’m running a summer special of a few of my favorite old posts because 1) I’m taking some time away from my computer to vacation; 2) I am so very weary of what has been going on in the news lately that I want to hide in the 1600s; and 3) I’ve come up with […]

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Getting Along, Then and Now

Thanks to LinkedIn, I met the Rev. Kathleen Panning who has a radio show called, “Aflame Ministry.” She interviewed me recently about getting along then and now, based on my historical novel, Mayflower Chronicles: The Tale of Two Cultures. It was a wonderful conversation and I’m happy to make our conversation  available to you. We discussed how the encounters between the Pilgrims and the native population 400 years ago have connections to today’s cross-cultural issues and […]

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