How Much is Enough?

Someone posed a Facebook question recently that got me thinking about how much our attitudes are part of our financial portfolio. The question was, “How much more money would you need to feel secure?” Answers varied from specific dollar amounts to expressions of gratitude for having enough now, but recalling times when a few dollars would have made a big difference. I’ve been thinking lately about how much is enough. How Much is Enough? My […]

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Columbus or Indigenous Peoples’ Day

In 1937 Congress and President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared October 12 a federal holiday.  I grew up knowing it as Columbus Day in honor of Christopher Columbus. In recent years pushback from the Native American community has led numerous communities to rename it as Indigeneous Peoples’ Day, now noted on calendars as the second Monday in October. I have a vested interest in this issue for two reasons. I now live in the city named […]

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Moravian star

Moravian Stars and Cookies

My spirits brighten when I see the many symbols and lights at this time of year. The multi-pointed Moravian Star is one such symbol. The Moravians are a small Christian sect with roots dating back to Czech Reformer John Hus (1369 – 1415). Hus was martyred as a heretic. His writings had an enormous impact on Martin Luther. After reading some of Hus’ sermons, Luther wrote,  “I was overwhelmed with astonishment. I could not understand for what […]

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Peace on Earth

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Also, Year-End-Greetings and Happy New Year When I was a young adult, I did not understand my parents’ lack of enthusiasm regarding the holiday season that, back in those days, stretched from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Now that I am the grandmother of a half dozen young adults, I get it. Maybe my parents were on to something. Is it time to re-think the holiday season? The expectations coming […]

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Holiday Season Tips for Tough Times

Blending the Past with the Present The days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day can be rough for families facing challengers such as the first holiday cycle since the loss of a loved one or getting through them when a member struggles with addiction. Author Lou Alpert suggests some holiday tips for tough times from first hand experience. I hope her insights encourage you if the holiday season around the corner is a challenging one […]

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