Historical Stories Inspire Change

This week’s article “Historical Stories Inspire Change” is a guest column by Arlene Westcott who offered to provide it as I was packing to head to the 2023 Historical Novel Society conference. It was a huge help to have it waiting for me when I returned from several days of discussing the power of historical stories to inspire change. That was my hope when I wrote Mayflower Chronicles: The Tale of Two Cultures and Mary […]

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Phyllis J. Brown, author

Black History Matters – #ListenLearnLove

Since the May murder of George Floyd unrest has been spreading across the country faster than the COVID-19 pandemic. If there is any good coming from this turmoil, it is that more White Americans than ever are aware of just how unjust our national systems have been for centuries and continue to be. My writing colleague Phyllis Brown, worried about the safety of her own Black children, has channeled her concerns into historical fiction novels […]

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