Gratitude Improves Health

I hope it is true that gratitude improves health. This week I’m struggling to generate gratitude. Another week, another setback in the book launching business. The place my publisher uses to print books had to close temporarily to deep clean the shop because someone tested positive for COVID-19. This is setting them back several weeks on their projects. It’s like waiting on a tarmac for permission to take off and having to accept there is […]

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Great Opportunities from Impossible Situations

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations. Charles Swindell This quote describes 2020 so far. As of today (August 21) summer 2020 is two-thirds over, which seems a suitable time for a Summer Summary. What a surreal time this is. For the most part I stay home – partly because my age calls for extra caution to avoid getting and spreading COVID-19, and partly because everything I […]

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Sonia Solomonson

Gratitude Attitude

Guest Blog by Life Coach Sonia Solomonson Why wait for Thanksgiving to give thanks? Nurturing a gratitude attitude promotes overall good health. My friend and colleague, Sonia Solomonson, wrote a blog in her Way2Grow Coaching newsletter that perfectly captures what I had in mind, so this week’s blog is from her. Thank you, Sonia. More about her at the end of the blog. In the U.S., November is the month in which we focus on […]

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