Father’s Day

When author Patrick Bailey offered to write a guest for Father’s Day, I readily agreed. The following are his thoughts about the crucial part fathers play in the lives of their children. Why The World Needs Good Dads: A Look Into The Importance Of Fatherhood Amidst the highly-celebrated Mother’s Day with great emphasis on the sacrifice of maternal figures in our lives, what is often overshadowed is the important role of fathers. Fatherhood is an […]

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Collage of fathers and children

Father’s Day 2018

“It is a wise father that knows his own child.” William Shakespeare Here we are again – the annual Father’s Day marketing marathon to get us to buy something to prove we approve of our fathers. Oh my. I think fatherhood may be the most misunderstood human relationships we have. What exactly is the role of a father in the twenty-first century? Is it to beget children? We can now beget babies in a lab. […]

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