Birthday Reflections

Soon I begin the fourth quarter of my trek toward a centennial birthday. I’ve been having a lot of 75th birthday reflections as this milestone approaches. I’m not asking people to give to some cause on my behalf, but I do encourage people to share generously what they have with those doing good deeds for society. Generosity is good for our health. Now that I’m face to face with becoming 75, that age doesn’t look […]

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After COVID-19: Guest Blog by Annette Petrick

Covid-19 has impacted every aspect of life and the end is no where in sight. I thought for this week’s #ListenLearnLove blog, you’d appreciate the insights of Annette Petrick. We are e-mail acquaintances thanks to an introduction by a mutual on-line friend. Annette recently sent this out to her followers. She did a good job summarizing what we’ve recently experienced and how to move forward whenever this pandemic is finally declared history. I highly recommend […]

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Father’s Day

When author Patrick Bailey offered to write a guest for Father’s Day, I readily agreed. The following are his thoughts about the crucial part fathers play in the lives of their children. Why The World Needs Good Dads: A Look Into The Importance Of Fatherhood Amidst the highly-celebrated Mother’s Day with great emphasis on the sacrifice of maternal figures in our lives, what is often overshadowed is the important role of fathers. Fatherhood is an […]

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Ross at Memory Lane - collage

Family Resemblance

I am fascinated with how various physical, mental, and emotional traits flow through the family genetic river generation after generation. My older brother, Ross, looked very much like photos I’ve seen of our father’s father; and also, our mother’s brother. He had the humor of our father and our mother’s father, which included a love of puns. He also suffered in his last years with dementia; as did out father’s mother. Ross passed from this […]

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Kim Knowle-Zeller

Life As A Stay-at-Home-Mom

I read Kimberly’s article in Gather, the magazine for Women of the ELCA. I connected with her thoughts about being a stay-at-home mother. How well I remember those days. I was once a stay-at-home Mom. Within the period of a few months I was asked two questions. First: “How will you feel when your little girls calls the babysitter Momma?” This during a job interview, when we really needed additional income to cover all the bills. […]

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