Collage of fathers and children

Father’s Day 2021

Another year, another Father’s Day. This year Father’s Day is adjacent to Juneteenth Day. To acknowledge the importance of fathers and address the horrendous consequences of slavery for fathers and society, I’m combining a tribute to fathers with a shout out to several folks who work to equip men to be good father figures. Slavery hasn’t ended; it’s merely transformed into new ways of preventing people from being fully free to thrive. Juneteenth, aka June […]

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Nancie Laird Young & Family Life

Nancie and I are both alumni of the When Words Count Retreat book publishing program. We’ve so far only connected via e-mail and phone, but the shared experience at WWCR and having the same publisher is a powerful bond. Welcome to How Wise Then, Nancie. Getting It Right The cognitive psychologist Elizabeth Spelke says, “It’s not about being right. It’s about getting it right.” Kathryn knew The Mayflower Chronicles required extensive research to ensure the […]

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