Better Dementia Care Options

Though we do not yet have a cure for dementia, Joanna LaFleur is determined to find a better way to care for people suffering from this affliction.  Owner of Memory Care group home in Michigan, Joanna sees two glaring problems with our typical memory care approach. First, she maintains, “We do not hire enough staff to adequately care for this population. Nor do we adequately train the staff that do work in facilities that care […]

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Ross at Memory Lane - collage

Family Resemblance

I am fascinated with how various physical, mental, and emotional traits flow through the family genetic river generation after generation. My older brother, Ross, looked very much like photos I’ve seen of our father’s father; and also, our mother’s brother. He had the humor of our father and our mother’s father, which included a love of puns. He also suffered in his last years with dementia; as did out father’s mother. Ross passed from this […]

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Memory care - dementia

An Open Letter to Dementia Caregivers

“A million tomorrows shall all pass away, ‘ere I forget all the joy that is mine, today.” (From Today by John Denver) For reasons I’ll leave for others to explain, we are witnessing an increase in the number of people that do forget all the joy that was theirs. My circle of family and friends struggling to care for someone with dementia has been steadily growing over the past few years. Last week the challenges of […]

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