We the people -flag and declaration of independence

Independence Day 2021

This Sunday we celebrate Independence Day 2021, another July 4th celebration of our country’s independence from England. I think it’s time we rethink what we thought we knew about how we got started and how our beginning impacts life today. In the 1600 and 1700’s, hundreds of European ships sailed west, filled to capacity with immigrants hoping to secure a better life for themselves and establish what is today the United States of America. By […]

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Pilgrim Hall

As I revisit Plymouth this week to soak up the history of the town’s role our country’s history, one important stop is Pilgrim Hall. Today Plymouth is a thriving community of around 60,000 people. In 1620 the population had been reduced from 102 Mayflower passengers to the fifty-one who lived through the first grueling winter. These English survivors established their new Plimoth Plantation on the site of an abandoned Patuxet village. A pandemic had swept through […]

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