November 9, 2016

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away. (Luke 10:33)

I write this on the morning after the night we elected the next President of the United States. I’ve been disappointed at the election returns in past political seasons. I’ve disapproved of positions some of our leaders have taken. I’ve been embarrassed about some of what I know of parts of our nation’s history. But this is the first time I’ve actually been afraid for the future of our country. In the past we’ve managed to stumble along regardless of whether the White House, Congress, and Senate turn Blue, Red, or Purple.

Our constitution and other governing documents have served us well as we routinely witness the smooth transfer of power from one leader to another. But right now I am afraid. Not for myself. I am of Anglo-Saxon Caucasian heritage in possession of a USA birth certificate.  No, my fear is for my granddaughters, and all our daughters, now growing up in a country where the elected – ELECTED! – leader seems to believe the only value a woman has is to be beautiful in the eyes of a man and willing to go along with anything in order to get along in a still mostly male-dominated world. 

I am afraid for people I know and love who might get harassed or picked up and detained for the sin of having a dark complexion, or wearing different clothing, or speaking with an accent or in some language other than English.

Most of all I am grieving today. I am grieving that over half the citizens of this country I love and call home think it was a good idea to let this man move into the White House.

But, I can’t undo what has been done. So, I will be as good a citizen as I know how to be. I will pray for our elected leaders. I will pay my taxes – which I suspect is more than some who were elected have done. I will speak positively about my country. I will look for the good that is still part of the fabric of this four hundred year old experiment in democracy.

And I will do what I can to be a blessing and not a threat to all those I encounter who don’t look, dress, think or talk like me. 

I came upon two helpful insights in the early hours of today as I was trying to wrap my brain about what we’ve just done. The first came from the leader of our early morning water aerobics class. “The sun still came up. And we’re all here together. Life will go on.” True. And, it really is up to all of us – winners or losers regarding last night’s outcome, to be the best human beings we can be; to be about promoting justice and freedom for all who come here hoping for a better future.

The other helpful thing I read in a daily devotion for today. Author Pastor Scott Seeke wrote many months ago what was assigned for this day in history, “It’s all about the Resurrection. Death (Or election defeat) is not victorious. It is not the end. Suffering and pain and loss will not have he final say.”

God gets the last word and God’s last word has always been that love trumps everything else. I pray that is so. 

I will pray that is so. Starting tomorrow. Today I am in mourning.

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