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This week’s blog in the Moms-Who-Write series comes from life coach, writing colleague and teacher, Kathi Laughman. I hope her insights inspire you to put your love and affection for others in writing.

Finding Life’s Harmony

The idea of life balance has always baffled me. I’m quite certain no one who has raised children is behind it other than perhaps as a declarative revolt! We can plan and pre-plan within an inch of our life, but it still doesn’t protect us from our life. It has a mind (and plan) of its own.  In many cases, it’s not a matter of saying yes or no. It’s simply a matter of doing what needs done. Whatever that is in the moment. Whatever comes next.

When part of what life brings is ushered in by those we love and care about (and for!) life must expand to make room. Even when it doesn’t seem possible. Even when it’s not in balance.

What We Do for Family, We Do for Ourselves

It’s important to remember in all this that everything we are doing for our family we are also doing for ourselves. Investing in them is investing in the future. That can be a challenge if we don’t take a few moments to reflect on that.

That is where journaling can help. We can find harmony in our life when we reflect on it on the written page.

As a working single Mom for many years, my journals were where I found a way to honor the idea that each moment mattered and was worth remembering. The moments of pride where we feel as if we will burst with them, and the moments of despair where we feel as if we will be crushed by them. Each one is a part of our life experience. It is what creates the harmony of our life.

It was also something I taught my daughter, and ultimately my oldest granddaughter. They also leverage writing as a process to sort out their own feelings and experiences. Being open about my own journaling was a start but we also used prompts to write from and then shared our writings. I’ve done this on writer’s retreats as well and it’s such a transformative experience to hear what the same words prompt in terms of thoughts and feelings in others.

Writing Becomes a Gift for Future Generations

I have no doubt that it is a gift that will continue to be passed on to other generations well beyond us. Just as it has been passed to me.

You see, my mother didn’t write in journals. But she did write. She wrote me letters even if I wasn’t away. It became a private portal for us to say what was on our heart when the chaos of a large family precluded stealing moments to say it. Those letters meant everything to me and forged a bond between us that remains even now that I am a grandmother and she a great-grandmother.

Somehow writing about something forces an honesty about ourselves and our life. That energy flow from our mind to hand to paper just filters out what is false. What is on the page is the truest expression we can bring for remembering, healing and celebrating. It gives us clarity about what we are doing with our lives and we can see the beauty of the music of it thru the harmony of all those moments.

Writing from the heart for the heart is a gift. Every mom I know who writes knows this and cherishes it. And so, we write.

Thank you Coach Laughman for sharing your insights and wisdom.

Kathi C. Laughman, CPC ELI-MP

Author – Speaker – Strategist – Certified Coach

Founder of The Mackenzie Circle LLCPossibility Seekers Newsletter

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