Life is a Team Sport

Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, ‘I have seen the Lord!’

(John :20:18)

We have only brief references to Mary Magdalene in Scripture, making it difficult to separate fact from fantasy. We do know she showed up. She showed up to let Jesus heal her. She showed up with a group of women who followed him. She showed up that gruesome afternoon when he was crucified. She showed up to discover the empty tomb. Jesus sent her to tell the others, earning her the title ‘Apostle to the Apostles.’

Though some cling tenaciously to the myth they are a self-made man or woman, none of us are a DIY story. Someone had to teach us the skills needed to succeed. Someone taught us how to tell time, read, write, use a phone, drive a car, manage a bank account and on and on and on.

This team concept is especially true in church life. We don’t have to delve very deeply into any well-organized congregation to find a team of people making things happen. Dozens of people make worship possible each week. Someone unlocked the doors. Someone put together the worship service, ran off bulletins and/or put together a power point presentation of the order of worship. Someone made coffee.  Someone maintained the grounds and cleaned the restrooms. Someone prepared the altar with the items needed for Communion.  And that was just for worship.

Others will log the offerings and deposit the funds into a bank. Others will plan for the upcoming Sunday School lessons for toddlers through seniors. Others will plan for special events or get out into the community to serve on behave of God through the congregation.

All of life is a team sport. We drive on roads built and maintained by people we probably never meet. We drink water purified by plants we never visit by workers we never meet. We eat food grown by strangers, delivered to grocery stores by other strangers and most of the time sold to us by people we do not know.

Whether we live alone, with a family, or among dozens or hundreds of others in group housing, we are part of a team. Life is a team sport. We are at our best when we realize this, have clarity about what we contribute to the team, and then, like Mary, show up to add our efforts. Our roles change from day to day and year to year. Some days we may be cast in role of leader. Other days we may be cast in supporting roles. Whatever role we’re playing today, each of us plays a significant role. May we, like ancient Mary of Mary of Magdalene, show up to do our part.

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