Just A Little Bit More from Blue Ocotillo Publishing in Austin, Texas

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. (Matthew 7:21)

Colleague and publishing friend Pastor T. Carlos Anderson started Blue Ocotillo Publishing three years ago to produce books that uplift the common good. He started with his own book, Just a Little Bit More. The title, based on a Rockefeller quote, examines the values behind the various economic theories that drive how we work and do business together.

I am happy to announce he’ll be talking about this book June 4 at Chapelwood United Methodist Church in Houston. It’s common knowledge that those at the very tippy top of the economic wealth pyramid are doing just fine and have been for decades. Meanwhile, those further down the economic pyramid struggle to keep up or suffer greatly from the consequences of being unable to keep up financially.

You and I influence the economy with every single item we purchase or opt not to purchase. We have more economic influence than we generally realize. What we purchase, where we purchase it, and how we pay for it all impact many lives, often in places we’ll probably never visit. Such is the nature of the global economy.

Ocotillo Publishing is named after the desert plant (Oh-koe-TEE-yo. The plant is a hybrid between a catus and a scrub bush. It grows in the American Southwest and northern deserts of Mexico and blooms in the spring. Wide stretches of Texas’s Big Bend National Park glow with a low-hanging ethereal red-orange in April.

Ocotillo plants exhibit beauty, veracity, and efficiency while dwelling in a challenging environment. These are the attributes of Blue Ocotillo Publishing. Blue, the color of hope, combined with the tenancity of the plant, creates a publishing effort that aims to offer hope and insight for a world greatly in need of fresh ideas about how to serve the common good. Books are available at www.blueocotillo.com.

More details about author Anderson’s presentation at Chapelwood can be found at:


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