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I met David at one of the many Houston Writers events. I was fascinated with his tales about being an RV writer, traveling the country doing research for his books and captivating audiences along the way with his stories. Thanks for dropping by this week to tell us about your RV writing on wheels life.

My four-year-old dog Becka and I live and travel full-time in an RV, telling and writing the stories of the Westward Sagas. Becka is the third Labrador retriever to share my travels. I lost Daisy in 2013 and Lulubelle in 2014, both from old age. Those dogs saw the Grand Canyon, frolicked in the water of two oceans and the Gulf of Mexico. I picked Becka up on April 7, 2017. She was just six weeks old. Since then, we have traveled much of the U.S. and Canada. Making friends along the way. RV owners make happy and friendly neighbors. Maybe it is because they have everything they need! No frivolous stuff cluttering closets or minds. No yard to mow and a different view anytime they want.

Home Rolling Home

My home and the place I write is a 40’, class A motor coach, built by Tiffin Motorhomes. Instead of the usual drivers-side sofa. Tiffin installed a workstation for a computer, printer and anything an author might need. RVing inspires me to write. Camping near where an epic event in history took place allows me to better understand and describe the scenes in my books. My novels are based on the story of my Grandmother’s family. Book 1, Spring House, begins in Pennsylvania during Colonial times. The sequel Adam’s Daughters is the story of my great grandmother and her sisters in Tennessee, just prior to statehood. Children of the Revolution is the story about the family after the American Revolution. Comanche Trace is about their arrival in Texas and their fight for survival amongst hostile Indians. My next book, a sequel to Comanche Trace, is about Texas Ranger Will Smith and his mission to keep peace on the Mexican border after the Mexican-American War.

Becka and I have spent Christmas and New Year’s ’20- ‘21 in San Antonio staying away from two-legged critters that might have COVID-19. Once I get my COVID-19 vaccine, I am heading to the Rio Grande Valley for research on the next book of the Westward Sagas. We always go to the Hill Country for the Spring. Once the Bluebonnets lose their blooms, it will be time to head to Angel Fire, New Mexico for storytelling at the Angel Fire RV Resort.

The Mobile Community

According to the RVIA (Recreation Vehicle Industry Association – an RV trade group), there are over ten million plus RV owners in America and one million plus that live full-time in an RV. The sales of new RV’s in 2020 were up 43% from 2019. The COVID-19 virus, social distancing, and a need to work from home created the best year ever for the industry. If you think the RV lifestyle is something you might want to consider, make sure your significant other is on board with the concept first! You might find Gerri Almand’s two books on that subject useful: The Reluctant RV Wife and Home is Where the RV Is. Traveling solo solves fifty percent of the baggage and closet problems. More and more singles travel alone and because of this, there are organized singles groups for RVers. I prefer traveling with Becka. She sits quietly beside me looking at the view mile after mile. Becka has never asked “Are we there yet?”

Follow David and Becka’s travels at https://westwardsagas.com or email david@westwardsagas.com.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading David’s story about his RV life and his travels with Becka. I once aspired to travel that way, after retirement, but my own life’s journey has taken a different path. I still hope to do a major U.S. road trip at some point, writing as I go. David, you are an inspiration to me! Kathy, thanks for carrying this post.

  2. I admit I got a little jealous when I read what David wrote. The idea of having everyone I need in one place is very appealing. And the idea that place can move with the turn of an ignition is also enticing.

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