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We’re all impacted by coronavirus even as we struggle to avoid becoming infected by it. I met today’s guest blog author Annette Petrick through Nancy Camden who helps us both with our IT issues. Annette sends out a Sunday morning “Consider This” audio post with nuggets of wisdom. I’ve never met either woman in person, and likely never will, as we live far apart from one another. None-the-less, we’re connected by virtue of modern technology. Technology will help us stay connected through this coronavirus crisis. Thank you, Annette for your insights. Thank you, readers for staying connected through this blog. Let me know how you are handling this new reality. I’ll combine your tips into a future blog. #TogetherWhileApart


Consider This – The Coronavirus Calamity

by Annette Petrick
March 20, 2020

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Just a few weeks ago, we applauded and welcomed 2020. Now here we stand, self-quarantined with calendars devoid of activities and events and a very uncertain future.

Now that it’s all sunk in, we realize our lives have changed dramatically and will be even stranger in the weeks ahead.  Let’s take stock of our capacity to cope. Some are faced with energetic kids and distraught teenagers. Meanwhile the elderly are reminded incessantly of their vulnerability in all this.

Learning from Parents and Grandparents

We might learn from our parents and grandparents how they faced hard times like the depression and the last global war. Food, luxuries and choices were in short supply and the future was ominous. They will tell you how they set out to make the most of what was available – with an understanding and appreciation of how much worse it could be.

First figure out how you can most help those at home.  Sooth feelings of panic. Give reassurances that events will be rescheduled or re-celebrated, new opportunities will arise or be created. The sun will come up tomorrow.

Got more than enough TP?  Share some or deliver rolls to doorways.  Neighbors need a spice, a cup of sugar, a new book or the latest magazine or DVD? Offer to leave it outside your door for them to pick up.

Make a Coronavirus Plan

Once you’ve inhaled enough news about the pandemic and how best to survive it, make a plan for how to spend the next few weeks interned.  Reintroduce the treat of an afternoon drive, to get out of the house – and then home again. Figure out where to walk while staying your distance from others.  Undertake some of those home projects for which you never have time. Have everyone pitch in. Share craft skills from long ago to create things.

Build in loving time with friends and relatives. Get on the phone and call friends who might be frightened or alone or sick or old.  Call parents and grandparents.  Call grandchildren. Stay close. Use all those great digital tools to stay in touch – not just once, but frequently. Start using new gizmos, like video conferencing with one of the free apps.

Random Acts of Kindness

As the days go by, small acts of reassurance and consideration will become vital. Call on your emotional and spiritual strength to figure out what to do next. Get enough rest, provide yourself with quiet time to evaluate and plan, stay healthy, pray.

Human kindness may seem invisible – or may be found in unlikely places during this time of trial. Give it freely and be an example to others, particularly the young’ns, of how it’s done.

Be ready to switch gears on a moment’s notice.  Know for a fact that things will change, in the days ahead.  Decisions will require clear heads.  Base your decisions on fact, rather than rumor or fear.  They all look to us to be the anchor; the glue that holds it all together.  We can do this. We’ve done it before and we can again.

Resources for Inspiration

For inspiration in this time of crisis, reach out to – and read Elizabeth Cottrell’s March 2020 edition.  It is packed with heartwarming and comforting ideas, thoughts, quotes and suggestions – all in a read of 5 minutes or less.
For a 90 second pick-me-up, please listen to or read this special Consider This show –

See dozens of our radio shows any time at .

See you next Sunday.

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