The Printing Press and William Brewster

The printing press has been with us for over a dozen generations. We citizens of the 21st century have no concept of what it must have been like to live in a world where all printed materials were produced primarily by hand then carefully reproduced to provide additional copies. Johannes Gutenberg gets most of the credit for introducing the modern printing press, but he was actually late to the game. A more primitive method of […]

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Leiden and the Future Pilgrims

Today Leiden in the Netherlands is a delightful city of about 125,000. The center city is much as it was hundreds of years ago, but easily reached today by modern bus service. In 1609 the Scrooby Separatists religious refugees relocated there from Amsterdam. At that time Leiden was a significant industrial community of around 15,000 and growing. By 1650 the town had grown to a city 55,000. Though I grew up knowing our family tree […]

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Meet A Few Pilgrim Authors

I’ve been offering blog readers tours of places that played a role in the Mayflower story. You can visit Scrooby, York, and Boston in England at your leisure. Before we emigrate with the Pilgrims to Holland, I want you to meet a few Pilgrim Authors – that is authors who have researched and written about the Mayflower story. These people have devoted years to researching and writing about the fascinating stories behind the Mayflower story. […]

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Mike Ellerkamp

What Goes Around, Comes Around

My mother was fond of pithy platitudes. Two of her favorites were, “What goes around, comes around” and “Better be good to people on your way up; you might need them on your way back down.” Or, as my writing colleague Mike Ellerkamp likes to say, “Reciprocity works.”  So convinced is he of the value of the Golden Rule approach to life, he wrote a book about it: The Simple Little Rule: The Golden Rule Rediscovered.” I […]

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Christine Eberle - "Write That Book"

“Go Write That Book”

I asked Christine Eberle to write this guest blog “Go Write That Book” after I read the book she published through the same venue I’m using to publish my forthcoming Mayflower Chronicles: The Tale of Two Cultures. We met through the Vermont When Words Count writing retreat center. I read some portion of her Finding God in Ordinary Time almost every day. I hope you enjoy reading about how this book came to be. ++++++++++++++++++++ “Go Write That […]

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