Columbus or Indigenous Peoples’ Day

In 1937 Congress and President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared October 12 a federal holiday.  I grew up knowing it as Columbus Day in honor of Christopher Columbus. In recent years pushback from the Native American community has led numerous communities to rename it as Indigeneous Peoples’ Day, now noted on calendars as the second Monday in October. I have a vested interest in this issue for two reasons. I now live in the city named […]

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Labor Day 1620

Labor Day in 1620

Welcome to an end-of-summer rerun of the “Labor Day 1620” article I ran a few years ago. As you read this, I’m in New England preparing to finally meet up with a group of Brewster descendants for my first attendance at their triennial Elder William Brewster family reunion. I hope to come home with many new Brewster relatives in my contacts list and more stories to share with you about the history beyond this fascinating […]

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This week I saw the voting process from the back side when I worked as a roster judge for Ohio’s special August one-issue election. The experience has me more convinced than ever that it is extremely difficult to rig an election. It is virtually impossible to get away with voter fraud with all the checks and balances in place. I encourage anyone who qualifies to work at least one election. See for yourself how the […]

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Life Is So Good by George Dawson

People of Hope – George Dawson

Add author George Dawson (1898 – 2001) to the list of authors whose books have been banned. I’ve added him to my list of People of Hope. Banning books has never turned out well for those who toss other people’s works into the fire or remove them from schools and libraries. Trying to stop people from learning history by banning books is about as productive as trying to drain the ocean by pouring buckets of […]

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People of Hope – Angela Burgess

These days there is a lot of poverty in the world, and that’s a scandal when we have so many riches and resources to give to everyone. Pope Francis Angela Burgess is on a mission to help families escape the poverty trap and find hope for their futures. I met this exuberant carrier of hope through the Houston non-profit RaiseUp Families organization. After being a long-time donor, she became the executive director in 2020. In […]

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