Give It a Rest

Sometimes we need to take a break. I’m doing that this week. Thank you author and friend Mary Hamilton for this gorgeous photo that inspires me to be outdoors soaking up some of the natural beauty rather than inside writing.

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RIP Betty White

Last Monday would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday. She missed celebrating it by a few weeks. Last Monday was also Martin Luther King Day. At first glance, it might appear those two facts have little in common, but I think they have a great deal in common. I think Betty White gave us three important tools to use for making Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream become reality. Before explaining, I want to thank a […]

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A Christmas Story - tongue on post

A Christmas Story

A radio comedian, a guy late for a date, and a movie about a spunky kid named Ralphie Parker came together to revitalize a Cleveland neighborhood I visited often in my childhood. This is the story behind the fabulously famous flick – A Christmas Story. Decades before A Christmas Story became an annual tradition, my grandmother lived on West 14th Street, a few blocks over from the 11th Street home where portions of the movie would […]

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