Book Festival

Columbus Metropolitan Library Book Festival

The Columbus Metropolitan Library Festival was the library’s first Book Festival, planned to celebrate its 150th anniversary. They estimate over 30,000 folks came out to check out the festivities. It was 18 months in the making and involved dozens and dozens of staff and volunteers. Over and over again I heard people saying they hoped this was the first annual event. Columbus Metropolitan Library has many good reasons to be very proud of an event well planned, expertly executed, and a tribute to books and people who love them.  The 2023 Book Festival was a success on steroids.

Highlights of the Library

The Mirror Couple

I had a wonderful weekend at the Columbus Metropolitan Book Festival and thought you might enjoy visiting it via some of the photos I took. This was one of the best-organized events I’ve ever attended. The pre-event details were numerous and helpful.   It started Friday evening with a reception for the authors, donors, and vendors with appetizers and an open bar. This couple, known as the Mirror People, wandered around to keep things interesting. We also got a chance to check out the tent full of books, music, and movies. I only came home with one book and three movies. This couple wandered around entertaining us.

Meeting Other Authors

Meet the authors panel

First thing Saturday morning I moderated a panel with three talented authors. It was inspiring getting acquainted with (L – R) Erin Bartels,  Lynn Blackburn,    and Shelley Shepard Gray.  All their books are fascinating, and my list of books to read grew by leaps and bounds after meeting the authors in person.

Topiary Garden

I signed up for a booth, figuring it would be a canopy, table, and chairs. I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was a tent along a path that meanders through to Topiary Garden. There is a small museum about the park only a few yards down the path from the booth, so I took time to visit it. The park is situated on the remnants of the Old Deaf School Park. The parkland dates back to the early 19th century when there was a dormitory and campus associated with the Deaf School. It’s a fascinating story that I’ll cover another day. For now, here’s a glimpse of a few of the charming items in the park.



Meeting Other Book Lovers

Booth #47

The tent protected us from the rain on Saturday and the heat on Sunday. Lots of folks stopped by to learn more about the story behind the Mayflower. I enjoy sharing some of my research resources with others who want to know more about the story behind this famous voyage. If that’s you, one resource I recommend is an amazing website managed by Caleb Johnson. Mayflower History has enough information about the ship, the voyage, and the people on it to keep you busy for hours.

Family Time

On my breaks, I wandered around admiring all the families spending time together exploring the many book options and enjoying a day in the park. With their permission, I took photos of these two parents enjoying a lovely day in a beautiful place. I hope one day these children will realize how fortunate they are to have parents who spend time with them enjoying some of life’s simple pleasures such as taking time to read together and stroll around a beautiful park.









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