This week I pay my respects to #BlackLivesMatter, George Floyd, and the many other black people who have died primarily because they were not white. I lift up all who have suffered striving for justice and peace for people of all colors.

I invite you to join me as I:

  • Reflect on the gross injustices people of color continue to experience generation after generation.
  • Read, listen, and learn the perspective of people of color.
  • Resolve to to do something to change the systems that have oppressed people of color generation after generation for four hundred and more years.

My granddaughter Sarah Flores designed this #BlackLivesMatter art work in response to the murder of George Floyd and the protests that have since erupted across the United States. Right now, we are anything but united. The words in her art work are #BlackLivesMatter, I can’t breathe, and We Stand Together. Thank you Sarah.

The angel told me to give Zerubbabel [also the USA] this message from the Lord: “You will succeed, not by military might or by your own strength, but by my spirit. (Zachariah 4:6 – Good News Translation)

Artwork by Sarah Flores.

Thank you for taking time to read this. It has been a rough couple of weeks. I hope we will take time to listen to the pain and hurt our black neighbors are expressing and withhold judgment about how they choose to grieve. No, I do not condone looting and burning buildings; but I think we can agree it has gotten our attention. If Sarah’s art work inspires you, please consider sharing it with a friend. Did you get this from a friend? You can sign up for free future blogs at HowWiseThen. I am always looking for fresh stories about good people making great contribution to our global village. If you have someone to recommend, let me know. 


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