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B. Alan Bourgeois and Texas Authors

Bourgeois, who founded Texas Authors in 2011,  knows how to market books and how much authors need help doing that. He is one of the rare literary world gems who can both produce books and help other authors market their work. He gained first hand experience when it comes to promoting books in the modern publishing world. To assist authors he launched Texas Authors to provide multiple marketing opportunities for the 9,000 published Texas authors.

This membership-based organization supports any genre Texas authors write. Bourgeois says, “We can save authors a lot of time and money. There is no point in reinventing the wheel when it comes to marketing your work. We’ve already learned the best markets and programs to support authors in their sales efforts.”

Book Marketing Is A Special Niche

Bourgeois learned the hard way where the potholes are located along the road to successfully selling books. He also knows how to steer clear of them. “Marketing books is a unique niche. We’ve learned ways to to help authors be creative with more affordable methods than hiring professionals.”

For example, Texas Authors has established working relationships with library associations, the most recent one being the Orange County, Florida Library System. He says, “We constantly look for ways to give authors exposure.”

To accomplish this Texas Authors  partners with Dear Texas.  Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) Texas promotes reading by hosting engaging weekend activities around the state that connect authors with readers. The organization encourages young people to discover the joy of reading. Dear Texas  also hosts a radio program that highlights Texas authors.

Marketing Through Networking

Bourgeois has connected Texas Authors  with a number of other author-centered organizations and events, such as:

Dear Texas –
Book Festival Network – http://BookFestival.Network
Author Marketing Event – http://2018.Authors.Marketing
Authors Marketing Certification – http://Campus.Authors.Marketing
Texas Authors Institute –
Short Stories by Texas Authors –
Net Galley to review books –

His most recent connections are with Indie Beacon and Indie Lecture, two organizations dedicated to independently published authors small press publishing organizations. He’ll soon be in New York City talking with the acting CEO of Barnes and Noble and staff at Publishers Weekly’s Book Life to explore more networks that support Indie authors.

Bourgeois – Publisher and Author

Prior to launching Texas Authors Bourgeois ran his own publishing house for five years. Creative House Press published sixty books before he closed it to launch Texas Authors. From that and other experiences he learned how critical marketing is in order for authors to sell their books. He also realized how often authors struggle with the marketing part of publishing. “Most authors cannot afford to hire professional help and prefer to focus on writing rather than marketing their work.”

Bourgeois says he is self-taught, motivated by his love of writing. He sold his first short story in 1987 and has been working in various roles in the literary field ever since. Most authors struggle to make a living from their writing and he is no exception. At one point he was homeless, but not without hope. He forged ahead by dedicating himself to helping other authors succeed. Shortly after he launched Texas Authors he rented a storage shed to warehouse books he collected from member authors. That doubled as his home while he was first developing Texas Authors.  For an author all life experience become possible material for future books. He will release a memoir about that experience next spring, I’m Crazy Great – He Changed the Publishing World While Homeless.

Texas Authors  fulfills his vision that by “combining creative minds that help widen the world of wonder, with those that seek to learn and to enjoy life, we are enriching people’s lives. We promote books that offer possibilities.”

Weekend Author Marketing Certification Training

Another recent possibility Bourgeois is offering authors through Texas Authors  is an opportunity to earn Author Marketing Certification through weekend courses that bring authors and marketing professionals together. The next one is scheduled for next July 26 – 28 in San Antonio.

Bourgeois has discovered a way to deliver the kind of support, training, and exposure authors need to move their books out to the reading public. He says, “We’re growing because we do the research to find groups authors need to market their work. Most authors aren’t aware of these places and don’t have the time to do their own research. We can help them so they don’t get overwhelmed and give up.”

Visit Texas Authors to see all the ways Bourgeois and his team can help you promote your work.

What marketing tips do you have for authors?