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Asunder: A Novel Approach to Divorce Recovery

My first fiction book and also my first venture into hybrid publishing. Travel along with Ellie as she puts together a new life after a divorce and a family crisis. For group discounts (ten or more) for your book club or discussion group head over to Blue Ocotillo. You can also find the book in print and electronic format at Amazon.

Blue Ocotillo Publishing 2016





40-Day Journey with Kathleen Norris

By Kathleen Norris; Edited by Kathryn M. Haueisen

Part of the Augsburg Fortress 40-Day Journey series. Perfect for small group studies or individual devotional time. Available through Augsburg Fortress and Amazon.

Augsburg Fortress 2008





A Ready Hope – Effective Disaster Ministry for Congregations

Co-authored with Carol Flores who is now the Disaster Response Coordinator for Greater Houston Interfaith Ministries (also my daughter and who was with Disaster Response for Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest when we wrote the book). Available at Amazon.

Alban Institute 2009





God in the Raging Waters – Stories of Love and Service Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

By Bishop Paul Blom; Edited by Kathryn M. Haueisen

Bishop Blom was responsible for the many congregations in Louisiana and that suffered major trauma due to these nasty storms that hit the Gulf Coast only weeks apart in 2005. Support poured in from around the country. Available at Amazon.

Augsburg Fortress 2006





Married and Mobile

After four moves in five years I refused to leave my home office until I had a chance to vent about my moving box blues in the form of this book. I have all the remaining copies and will sell them for $10/ each which would include shipping.

Augsburg Fortress 1985

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